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Q&A: Which Yoga Poses Boost Fertility?

Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa offers advice on how a woman can increase chances for conception with her practice.

Q: I am a 25-year-old yogini who would like to get pregnant. Can you recommend any poses for fertility? —Tina

Read Gurmukh’s reply:

Dear Tina,

While I don’t know of any specific poses for fertility, I recommend you continue a practice that is centered on more softness and feminine grace. If you’’re not already meditating every day, it’’s a good time to start. During your yoga, meditate on the new soul coming in, and focus on your breath. A good welcoming meditation for conception might include left nostril breathing for seven minutes every morning. Close off your right nostril and focus on a point between your eyebrows while breathing in and out rapidly. This will draw the female moon energy used for conception to you, resulting in a cooling effect on your body and a quieting effect on your mind. Peace, calm, and direct intention will follow—a perfect environment for conception.