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6 Steps to Master Uttana Shishosana (Extended Puppy Pose)

Stretch the upper back, spine, and shoulders; opens the chest; help release chronic tension in the shoulders and neck in Extended Puppy Pose.

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NEXT STEP IN YOGAPEDIA4 Ways to Modify Extended Puppy Pose

uttana = stretched out · shishu = puppy · asana = pose


Stretches the upper back, spine, and shoulders; opens the chest; helps release chronic tension in the shoulders and neck


  1. Come into Tabletop—on all fours, with your hips stacked directly over your knees, and your shoulders over your wrists. Rest the tops of your feet on the mat, toes pointing straight back. Keep your feet parallel and hip-width apart.
  2. On an exhalation, begin to walk your hands out in front of you. Allow your chest to melt toward the floor as you slowly release your forehead to the mat.
  3. Spread your fingers and press firmly into the thumb and index fingers. Activate Hasta Bandha (Hand Lock) by rooting into your finger pads and creating a lifting action like a suction cup in your palms. Roll your upper arm bones outward away from your ears to broaden the shoulders. Feel your triceps wrapping down toward the outer edges of the mat as your biceps spin up toward the ceiling. Keep your arms active and lift your elbows slightly off the mat.
  4. On your next inhalation, deepen into the stretch by reaching your hips up and back toward the wall behind you; meanwhile, continue to let your chest melt down toward the floor. Gently hug in—or corset—your front ribs to support your spine and prevent collapsing into the lower back.
  5. Breathe deeply into the stretch and hold for 5–10 breaths.
  6. Release the pose by walking your hands back to Tabletop position.

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Don’t let the knees spread wider than the hips and/or allow the front ribs to protrude dramatically. This can cause compression in the lower back and sacrum.

don't puppy pose

Don’t let your elbows splay out and your shoulders roll inward. This can create tension in your neck and shoulders.

don't puppy pose

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