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Challenge Pose: Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Strengthen your back and open your shoulders and chest as you move step by step into Dhanurasana.
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Dhanus = bow · asana = pose

Strengthens your back; opens your shoulders and chest; stabilizes your legs; improves hip-flexor function; stimulates digestion and energy flow in your internal organs.

Stay Safe
Dhanurasana should feel like a deep stretch in the front torso, reaching from your pubic bone to your throat. In your back body, your spine should be in full extension, and your pelvis should tilt forward so
that your tailbone is free to lift as the top of your sacrum moves toward the floor. (This is important to avoid low-back strain.) However, if you feel any pinching or compression in the low back, lower the pose until you feel comfortable. Don’t forget to always start slowly and listen to your body as you progress. 

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