Challenge Pose: Hanumanasana

Maintain a neutral pelvis, and quiet your mind as you move step by step into Hanumanasana.
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PREVIOUS STEP IN YOGAPEDIA 3 Ways to Prep for Hanumanasana

Hanuman = Monkey God/Chief · Asana = Pose

Stretches your hamstrings and psoas and iliacus (hip flexors); the dual challenges of this pose demand a level of presence and precision that focuses and quiets your mind.

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Stay Safe

As your left foot and pelvis move forward and your legs straighten, it is essential to sustain your Tadasana pelvis (your pelvis is square to the wall in front of you and the two sides of your torso are equally long). When your pelvis is misaligned, either because it is uneven or spills too far forward, your SI joint and lumbar spine become vulnerable to strain.

If you haven’t yet found openness to bring both thighs to the floor while maintaining a Tadasana pelvis, place a block, blanket, or bolster beneath your upper front thigh, and continue to use your hands for support. Never force the pose beyond the capacity of your hamstrings and hip flexors; it can overstretch and pull these muscles. 

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