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Challenge Pose: Side Crane (Parsva Bakasana)

Soar like a bird as you move step by step with Tias Little 
into Parsva Bakasana.

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Soar like a bird as you move step by step into Parsva Bakasana.


Tones the side body, especially the abdominal obliques; improves balance; reduces asymmetry in the lower spine; creates a wringing effect on the organs.

Stay safe

To avoid a plummet, your elbows must remain shoulder-width apart and drawn in. Your shoulder girdle should stay lifted and oscillate very little—the grace of this pose lies in the broad span of the collarbones. Another concern: compressing your wrists. To avoid this, spread your fingers, as if stretching the webbing between them. This provides stable support for your wrists, arms, and shoulders. Meanwhile, to master the exquisite balance, practice pitching your center of gravity on an oblique angle up and forward. Aim to balance, if only for a second, on the slant. Once you find the fulcrum, hover like a graceful crane.

About Our Pro
Tias Little is the founder of Prajna Yoga ( in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the author of three books, including Yoga of the Subtle Body. His teachings interweave various disciplines, including meditative arts, classical yoga, and Buddhist studies.