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Challenge Pose: Visvamitrasana

Strengthen your shoulders and back as you move step by step into Visvamitrasana.
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PREVIOUS STEP IN YOGAPEDIA 3 Ways to Prep for Visvamitrasana

Visvamitra The Sage
Visva = everyone · mitra = friend · asana = pose

Strengthens your hands, wrists, shoulders, lats, hamstrings,
and quadriceps; stimulates the intestines and encourages digestion.

Stay Safe
If you have injuries in your wrists, hamstrings, or pelvis, this posture may not be suitable for you. Your arms and pelvis should feel stable before you move to straighten your right leg. Otherwise, you risk straining your right hamstring, left hip flexor, or right rotator cuff. Once you feel stable, press your right leg into your right arm and reach through your right foot to help keep your leg active, maintaining a lift through your pelvic floor. Avoid sinking into the posture, which can put strain on ligaments in your hip and groin. 

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