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Ease Low Back Pain: 3 Subtle Ways to Stabilize the Sacrum

Got low back pain? Adopt these three slow, subtle yoga strategies from Tias Little to get more relief out of each practice.

Got low back pain? Try these three slow and subtle yoga strategies from Tias Little to get more relief out of each practice. 

In 1997 when I took my first yoga class, the notion of touching my toes with straight legs seemed a distant fantasy. Ten years later I was upside down, inside out, arm balancing, and, a specialty, deeply backbending. It felt great. I felt alive and strong in my body. My friend called yoga the fountain of youth, and I felt like walking evidence of this. Yet, my backbends were more a product of heredity than mastery, and I embraced my “skill” egoically, going deeper and deeper.

Fast forward to 2015, and my yoga feels a bit like the folly of youth. Deep in my low back, for several months now, lurks a stabbing reminder of my manifest impermanence: This body will not last forever. I stumble out of bed in the mornings like a retired linebacker.

It’s not just yoga, to be sure. I spend long hours at a desk. Stress and anxiety are familiar companions. And if the internet ad-streams are any indication, I am an aging demographic. That’s a heck of a recipe for the back pain I’m experiencing. At least Tias Little thinks so. And that’s why I, with much anticipation (and a little fear!), spent the day in Little’s The Sacred Sacrum, Kundalini, and Healing the Low Back intensive at Yoga Journal LIVE! Colorado in Estes Park. Here are three guiding principles I picked up for working with low back pain.

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3 Ways to Work with Low Back Pain