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Easy Pose

Don't let the name fool you. If you're used to sitting in chairs, Easy Pose or Sukhasana can be quite challenging.

Easy Pose Step-by-Step Instructions

Photo: Christopher Dougherty; Mat: Jade Yoga; Props: Hugger Mugger
  1. Begin seated in Dandasana
  2. Cross the right shin in front of the left, so that the knees stack over the feet
  3. Be directly on top of the sitting bones, so that the bowl of the pelvis is upright, neither spilling forward nor backwards
  4. Clasp the knees with the hands and use the arms to pull the length of the spine forward and up
  5. Draw the sacrum towards the navel and the thoracic spine towards the sternum
  6. Maintain this active and lifted spine and turn the palms to face the ceiling, drawing the hands back until the heads of the upper arms are in line with the side body
  7. Press down firmly with the sitting bones to elongate the spine any amount more, lifting and opening the chest
  8. Notice if the front ribs have flared and instead soften them
  9. Center the head directly over the pelvis with the chin level to the floor
  10. Maintain a soft and steady gaze
  11. Hold for anywhere from 10 breaths to several minutes, then switch the cross of the legs and repeat on the other side


Easy Pose  Cues

Contraindications and Cautions for Easy Pose

  • Many students will need support beneath the hips to maintain the correct position in the pelvis and lower back – without this support the lower back may be compromised; can be demanding if there is a knee vulnerability Beginner’s Tip

Benefits for Easy Pose

  • Strengthens the spinal muscles; opens the chest; imprints good seated posture; gently opens the hips in external rotation 

3 Ways to Modify

1. Easy Pose with Hip and Knee Support

Try sitting on the front edge of a bolster or folded blanket so that it creates a downward incline. Sitting forward on the prop can help tilt your pelvis forward, creating a more neutral spine. If your knees are lifted, place blocks or folded blankets underneath them to alleviate pressure in your hips and knees. 

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2. Easy Pose with Hip Support

Try sitting on the front edge of a bolster or folded blanket so that it creates an incline. Sitting forward on the prop can help tilt your pelvis forward, creating a neutral spine.

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3. Seated Meditation in a Chair

Find a comfortable seated position in a chair with your feet directly under your knees, allowing a 90 degree angle or more at your knee joints. If you are taller, consider sitting on a folded blanket. If you are shorter, try placing blocks under your feet to bring the knees in line with the hips. If possible, sit forward in the chair to avoid slouching. Lengthen the crown of your head upward to achieve a neutral spine. If needed, place a pillow behind your low back for support.

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Follow-up After Easy Pose

Try Tumaz Yoga Strap/Stretch Bands and Yoga Mat Strap

More Pose Detail

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