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Try these three pre-and post-workout yoga practices from Sage Rountree’s new book to balance strength and fitness daily.

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Try these three pre-and post-workout yoga practices from Sage Rountree’s new book to balance strength and fitness daily.

My latest book, Everyday Yoga: At-Home Routines to Enhance Fitness, Build Strength, and Restore Your Body, coming out in June, presents a series of yoga routines that can be enjoyed as one-off snacks or put together to create a multi-course yoga meal. This modular approach helps athletes and everyone find time to do a little bit of yoga most days. Just like you wouldn’t expect just one 90-minute training session a week to make you fitter or faster, one weekly class isn’t going to advance your yoga practice. Doing a little bit on most days, though, will help you grow in body, mind, and spirit. Try bookending your workout with these routines or stringing all three together for a separate yoga cross-training session.

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Enhance Fitness With 5 Warm-Up Poses

Use these five pre-workout poses to wake up your whole body and mind for better performance. This sequence challenges the glutes, wakes up the lower legs, and builds breath awareness, focus, and balance—all of which you need as you begin your workout. Bonus: All of these standing poses are done without bringing your hands to the floor, making it perfect for a mat-free practice wherever you’re training.


Reverse Table Top

Balance Core Strength With This 9-Pose Sequence

Add some well-planned core work onto the end of your training session. These nine poses hit every layer of the core muscles front and back (as well as the glutes) to build better balanced core strength than a couple set of crunches could ever provide.



Recover With 6 Hip-Opening Poses At the Wall

Restore your body with these six poses that marry hip release and inversion to enhance your post-workout recovery. Calm your nervous system, as you stretch out your hips and thighs while releasing tension in your spine.

About Sage Rountree

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Sage Rountree is the author of Everyday Yoga, now available for preorder and five other books, including The Athlete’s Guide to Yoga and Racing Wisely. She teaches workshops on yoga for athletes nationwide and online at YogaVibes. Find her on Twitter and on Facebook.

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