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Mandy Ingber’s Sequence to Heal Your Heart + Embrace Joy

Celebrity yoga teacher Mandy Ingber says healing grief starts by recognizing where you’re holding stress and emotions and breathing into that space to release the tension. Reset with her 20-minute sequence.
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Reset with this 20-minute sequence by recognizing where you’re holding stress and emotions, breathing into that space, releasing the tension, then refueling with energy for your day.

Mandy Ingber has become famous for sculpting Hollywood hardbodies like Jennifer Aniston and Kate Beckinsale. But, if you ask her, the celebrity yoga teacher will be the first to tell you that a fit physique is simply a fringe benefit of a regular yoga practice.

Rather than focusing on the physical perks of doing countless Sun Salutations, Ingber delves deeper into exploring yoga's ability to heal and overcome grief in her new book, Yogalosophy for Inner Strength: 12 Weeks to Heal Your Heart and Embrace Joy. And the effects of a spiritual practice are the same regardless of whether you're a an A-list actor or a teenage girl in middle America. “The space to be who we are in the moment—in whatever state—is incredibly healing,” Ingber says. “I cannot tell you how many times people have released pent-up emotion simply by moving. We all need space to unwind and find ourselves, meet ourselves wherever we are.”

Reset with this 20-minute sequence Ingber created exclusively for YJ readers. Recognize where you’re holding stress and emotions, breathe into that space, release the tension, then refuel with energy for your day.

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20-Minute Sequence for Overcoming Grief

WARM UP Start with 5–10 rounds of Sun Salutations.

PRACTICE Repeat each pose in the sequence 2–3 times. For your first round, hold each pose for 30 seconds. For your second round, hold each pose for 60 seconds. Repeat this entire sequence daily for at least two weeks to see immediate results.