3 Ways to Modify Marichyasana I (Great Sage Pose I)

Try these modifications and props to find safe alignment in Marichyasana I.

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Build a practice

If you draw a house on a piece of paper, you only have to draw five lines: three for the walls and floor and two for a pointed roof. However, if you want to build a real house, it cannot be done in five strokes. Seeing an asana in a photo is like looking at a house drawing­—a simple form. Practicing asana is more akin to building a real house, stone by stone, creating room after room from the outside in. Being in a modification—or a certain stage of the pose—with attention to detail and concentrated effort allows us to be in the building process while also dwelling inside the structure. Engaging the outside (form) and the inside (vision or philosophy) in each asana is the goal. 

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