Arm Balance Yoga Poses

Pose of the Week: Crow Pose

To be courageous and really take flight, try approaching Crow Pose in a new way.

To be courageous and really take flight, try approaching Crow Pose in a new way: instead of coming into the pose from a low squat (Malasana), I prefer to take Crow from a Forward Bend (Uttanasana).

How-to: Set the hands on the floor about a foot out in front of you, while bending the knees slightly and coming up onto the toes. Hands should be about shoulder-width distance or slightly wider, with fingertips spread out. Bending the elbows slightly, stay lifted on the toes and split the knees, positioning them as high on the triceps (upper arms) as possible (think about taking the knees all the way up to the armpits). Set the gaze forward, as opposed to behind you or straight underneath you. Transfer the weight and squeeze into the midline, sucking the pit of the belly in and up. Lift one or both feet off of the ground toward the hips, finding the balance between the hands rooting into the ground and the hips being lifted in the air. Enjoy the flight!

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