Core Yoga Poses

Pose of the Week: Side Plank with Variation

Side Plank is a great pose for working your core, and an oblique twist adds variation.

Side Plank is a great pose for working your core. After you master the pose, try adding the following oblique twist:

Side Plank Pose

Come into a classic Plank Pose position with the shoulders stacked over the wrists and the legs engaged. Bring the feet together into one line and roll the weight to the outer edge of the right foot, sending the left hand up to the sky. Keep both feet stacked and flexed. Maintain integration of the spine in the centerline, without blowing the rib cage out. Draw the front ribs together and expand the midback. Press down into the four corners of the standing hand and reach up through the fingertips of the top hand.

Variation for oblique twist:

From Side Plank Pose, bend the top elbow and draw the hand in close to the body. Start reaching toward the floor. Once the hand reaches the bottom hip level, twist into the centerline and curl the hand and arm underneath the bottom hip in the space between it and the floor. Keep squeezing the legs and twist as far as you can go before returning to your starting position. Repeat for 5 reps on each side. Repeat series of both sides 3 times total.

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