Challenge Pose: Akarna Dhanurasana I (Archer Pose I)

Follow these 5 steps to master Akarna Dhanurasana I, or Archer Pose I.
Akarna Dhanurasana I

Akarna Dhanurasana I

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Akarna Dhanurasana I
A = Near, toward · Karna = Ear · Dhanu = Bow · Asana = Pose

Archer Pose I

Increases flexibility and suppleness of your legs and hips; massages your abdominal organs; improves digestion; builds concentration, strength, and agility

Stay Safe
When you begin practicing this pose, your lifted leg will feel heavy. Don’t hold it for long. Instead, reach your knee and elbow back and forth dynamically—only as long as you are able to steadily hold up your leg. Regular practice of this pose will make you a master of the bow. This pose also mobilizes one half of your pelvis at a time, so it may be stressful for the sacroiliac joint (which connects your pelvis to your spine). If you feel any strain, instability, or have scoliosis in that area, it’s best to avoid this pose or work under the guidance of an experienced teacher. 

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