A Prenatal Chair Sequence to Ease the Discomfort of Pregnancy

A chair practice offers the pregnant body support and helps to create the space it so desperately needs. This sequence feels so good that you will want to continue with it—even after baby.

I often described pregnancy as “uncomfortable bliss.” With all of the changes constantly happening in my body from one day to the next, I could never predict how I would feel in life or in my yoga practice. With each of my three pregnancies, there were days where everything from forward folds to supported backbends felt difficult. On those days, I would opt for a chair practice.

Chairs offer the pregnant body support and help to create the space that it so desperately needs. If you’ve never tried using a chair in your home practice, you are in for a treat! This sequence feels so good that you will want to continue with it even after baby.

YOU WILL NEED your yoga mat and a sturdy chair without arms
GETTING STARTED Place the mat’s short edge at the wall and the chair on the mat, facing away from the wall.

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Los Angeles-based yoga teacher Karly Treacy began her practice more than 20 years ago. A student of Annie Carpenter, Karly understands the awareness of body and strength that comes from precise alignment. A mother of three, Karly credits yoga for teaching her that all of life is a practice, especially motherhood and that our children, our bodies, and our environment all are our teachers.

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