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Downward-Facing Dog is the Top Pose of 2018. Can You Guess the Runner-Ups?

We're not surprised Downward-Facing Dog took the lead as the most-searched yoga pose on Yoga Journal’s site in 2018, since it's the foundation of many sequences. But the six poses to follow were unexpected.

Downward-Facing Dog

grace flowers, downward facing dog pose, adho mukha svasana

Deservedly one of yoga’s most widely recognized yoga poses, Adho Mukha Svanasana, offer the ultimate all-over, rejuvenating stretch.

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Bridge Pose

Paul Miller

Bridge Pose can be whatever you need—energizing, rejuvenating, or luxuriously restorative.

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Bound Angle Pose

Christopher Dougherty

One of the best hip openers around, Bound Angle Pose counteracts chair- and cardio-crunched hips.

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Mountain Pose

Chelsea Jackson Mountain Pose

The foundation of all standing poses, Mountain Pose makes a great a starting position, resting pose, or tool to improve posture.

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Cobra Pose

Chris Fanning

Open the heart and roll the shoulders down to promote flexibility in Cobra Pose.

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Bharadvaja’s Twist

bharadvaja's twist pose, bharadvajasana

This gentle twist is a tonic for the spine and the abdominal organs.

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Warrior I Pose

Warrior i pose

What’s really being commemorated in this pose’s name, and held up as an ideal for all practitioners, is the “spiritual warrior,” who bravely does battle with the universal enemy, self-ignorance (avidya), the ultimate source of all our suffering.

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