Balancing Yoga Poses

Prep for Flying Crow

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Down Dog

Tara Stiles downward-facing dog

From hands and knees, bring your hands under your shoulders, spreading your fingers wide. Tuck your toes, and lift your hips high. Maybe sway a little side to side, or bend each knee one at a time as you lengthen through opposite calf.

Down-Dog Split

From Down Dog, take a big inhale and lift your right leg as high as you can, bending your knee, as you roll through your hips.

Half Flying Crow

Exhale, and draw your right knee to your right upper arm, bending both elbows. Look forward and lean forward. Maybe your back toes start to lift off the ground. If so, bring both knees to your right upper arm.

Flying Crow

If you feel comfortable with both knees at your arm, try straightening your left leg and taking it straight behind you. When you are ready, come back to down dog split and try the other side.