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Clear Your Mind With This Breathing Practice from Meditation Teacher KYMÅ

Need a way to clear your mind? Try Trinity Breath set to this track created by KYMÅ, a DJ, sonic wellness consultant, and meditation teacher. Plus, get a behind-the-scenes look at her production process.

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Ready to start spring cleaning? Don’t forget about clearing the clutter in your mind. Here, KYMÅ, a DJ, sonic wellness consultant, and meditation teacher, offers a soundscape to pair with Trinity Breath, a cleansing Kundalini breathing practice. 

“As we shift into the new season, you’ll want to detoxify your subconscious mind so that intuition can flow unimpeded,” she says. “This will help you unlock creativity, move through energetic blocks, and stimulate digestion.”

KYMÅ syncs the breath with beats in a new collection for Splice, a music sample library used by millions of producers. Below, check out a behind-the-scenes look at how she produces her soundscapes, as well as a demo of Trinity Breath.

A Spring Soundscape for Cleaning the Subconscious Mind

Trinity Breath: Spring-Clean the Subconscious Mind

  • Take a comfortable seat, feeling balanced and supported so you can straighten your spine.
  • Place your hands in inverted Gyan Mudra, putting pressure between your index finger and thumb, with your palms facing forward and three fingers pointing up to the sky. Allow your elbows to rest beside the rib cage. 
  • Focus your eyes at the tip of the nose. They are slightly open and fluttering. You may feel a slight pressure between the eyebrows. 
  • Inhale with 2 beats (IN, IN) through an “O” mouth, making sure the breath is reaching the belly. Your abdomen and rib cage should expand. 
  • Exhale with 1 beat (OUT) through the nose. Your abdomen should contract. 
  • This breathing exercise can be done for up to 15 minutes. 

Behind-the-Scenes of Creating the Spring Soundscape 

More about KYMÅ

Åmy K., aka KYMÅ, is a multi-dimensional DJ, music producer, and sonic wellness consultant as well as a meditation and trauma-informed breathwork teacher. She is an advocate for mental health in the music industry and guides creatives to explore their life as music. Connecting to natural rhythms and inner harmonies while curiously exploring ALL of life’s frequencies, KYMÅ specializes in sonic curation for rhythmic meditation. She is the founder of BEÅTS + Breathwork and offers weekly breathwork sessions for creatives.

Find her on InstagramSoundcloudSpotify, and learn more at