Yoga for Autism

25 Ways to Beat Stress

Do you find it difficult to unwind and settle your mind? Incorporate these tactics into your everyday life to manage stress.

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1. Exercise. Take a walk, go to a gym, bike, swim, dance

2. Meditate. Even a few minutes makes a difference

3. Do yoga postures. Start simply

4. Do yoga breathing exercises. Deep and alternative nostril breathing

5. Yoga deep relaxation. Check out all parts of your body

6. See the good. How might this event be beneficial?

7. Pretend. Even faking it works

8. Massage. Both giving and getting help reduce stress

9. Visualization. See yourself differently

10. Change your attitude. You can always choose to fluff up your attitude

11. Focus on the good. Look for it

12. Look for signs. What messages can you find?

13. Write and draw. Keep a journal and art book

14. List your goals. Give details and baby steps

15. Keep a gratitude list. Write as many as you can, and update daily

16. Live in the moment. Let go of thinking about the past or future

17. Live as if you already have what you want. This relaxes you

18. Have a list of friends to call. Choose more than one

19. Learn to say no. In a kind way, say “I’d love to, but I can’t”

20. Give without any expectation of reward. Be a secret Santa daily

21. Laugh. Live on the funny side of life. Laugh often, especially at yourself. Even fake laughter helps.

22. Sing. Whistle while you work works.

23. Get a pet, or a stuffed animal. Anything that makes you laugh

24. Do something fun. Be silly, choose a healthy fun activity, like yo-yoing

25. Pray. Even a short prayer can replace a worry


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