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Yoga for Back Health: 3 Ways to Modify Trikonasana for Any Back Condition

Whether you have chronic low back pain, herniation, osteoporosis, or trouble with your SI joints, these supported variations will help you enjoy the benefits of Triangle Pose with ease.

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While having a back condition should not preclude you from enjoying a yoga practice, you must modify your poses intelligently according to your particular physical makeup and the injury you have sustained or the condition you have. Trikonasana is a wonderful example of a healing pose that will strengthen and release your legs and core without taxing the tissues of the spine and back unduly. Philosophically speaking, lateral poses deflect the ordinary forward and backward movements of life, whether they are emotional, mental, or physical. It’s as though we cause time to stand still, which offers a profound sense of well-being. The supported variations that follow will help you experience the benefits of Trikonasana with ease and introspection.