10 Best Uplifting Yoga Poses to Beat the Sunday Night Scaries

Feeling down or anxious about the end of the weekend? Try one (or all!) of these uplifting yoga poses to change your mood—stat.
Cobra Pose

Lengthen your spinal muscles and improve your posture with Cobra Pose.

It’s so easy to get a bad case of the blues on Sunday night. After all, the weekend’s over, and another busy week is about to begin.

Even though I know Monday will be just fine (at least, after I have my coffee), it never fails: Every Sunday, I get a little anxious about work and a little too stressed to fully enjoy my Sunday night. And I’m not alone: The American Institute of Stress found that workplace stress is one of the biggest causes of anxiety nationally.

But, I have found a way to reclaim my Sunday evenings. Enter these uplifting yoga poses, which help me remember that the anxiety whirlpool I tend to create as each weekend comes to a close is actually not based in any realistic reason to be afraid.

Meg Townsend, a Philadelphia-based Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Reiki Master Teacher, and retreat curator for Real Living Yoga, agrees: “I love doing a practice on Sunday night that is more restorative and breath-oriented to soothe my mind and fill my energy tank up for the week ahead,” she says. “I also like to create a calming playlist, with each song the length of time that I'll be holding one pose, so I don't have to think about the time or look at a clock. When the song changes, I change poses.”

Like Townsend, I’ve started cultivating my own Sunday night yoga practice on a regular basis, in an effort to beat back my Sunday night scaries once and for all. (I even made a playlist!)

To help you do the same, I reached out to teachers around the country to ask them for the uplifting yoga poses they practice to help lift their spirits, get grounded for the week ahead, and sneak in just a little more rejuvenation before bed. Here’s hoping they help you get centered this Sunday night.  

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