10-Minute Homework Break Yoga for a Mind + Body Reboot

After a long day at school, there's always more to do. Before hitting the homework, take a yoga break to reset mind and body for better focus.

After a long day at school, there's more to do. Before hitting the homework, take a yoga break to refresh mind and body for better focus.

Long days grow even longer for kids when schoolwork piles up. With curriculum to keep up with and cramming for tests, the workload never seems to end. Yoga can help children to pace their study efforts and reduce mental and physical burnout, says Amy Quinn Suplina, owner of Bend + Bloom Yoga in Brooklyn, New York. “From a mental health perspective, getting the blood flowing and the energy back up, improves kids’ ability to focus and regroup,” Suplina says. “Movement breaks help them to return to work in a more effective manner. Instead of turning to social media or television, practicing can enhance focus, clarity, and make them more present in their work and thinking. With a renewed ability to focus on what’s in front of them, they’ll be more efficient about their work.”

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When there are hours of homework to tackle, Suplina recommends that kids take a yoga time-out first. “Kids’ heads and shoulders are hunched over their computers and electronic devices all day, which has long-term implications for spinal health. Yoga can help to counter the effect of that forward flexion and return healthy curves to the spine,” Suplina says.

10-Minute Homework Break Yoga Sequence