10 Poses to Empower You to Create Positive Change in the World

When it’s simply not enough to dedicate a yoga practice or #prayfor____, this sequence is designed to ground and focus you, open your heart, and prime your body to be of functional service to those in need. From there, yogis, ask yourself how you can take your practice off the mat.

One of the best ways to overcome the storms in your own life is by helping someone going through a bigger one. I recently volunteered at an animal shelter that was over capacity due to housing their own shelter animals plus animals displaced from Hurricane Harvey. The amount of desperation felt by both the animals and the understaffed, overworked employees was palatable. There are so many human and animals in need right now, and relief programs are desperate for volunteers.

I think it is wonderful when yogis process what is going on in their lives and in the world on their mats and dedicate their practice to those in need, but I deeply believe our prayers and heart openers need to go far beyond our mats to really help those facing desperate situations. We need to use yoga practice as a vehicle to get grounded, connect with our authentic core, cultivate love and compassion within our hearts, and then take all of that off the mat to help those in need.

The following practice is designed to ground and focus you, prime your body to be of functional service, and open your heart. After the practice, I encourage you to make a list of ways you can physically or financially help those facing hardship. For example, locally, you could donate, volunteer, plan group visits, or create a class to support homeless shelters, animal shelters, or nursing homes. Nationally, you could help people or animals suffering from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria or those mourning lives lost in the Las Vegas shooting. Internationally, there are nonprofits that aid those affected by Mexico’s earthquakes, those who are starving, those who don’t have clean drinking water, animals that need protection, and ocean life that needs conservation.

This challenge isn’t meant to overwhelm you. I want to encourage you, if you aren’t already doing some type of charitable service, to pick at least one method of giving that you are passionate about and do it. I am a firm believer that if we all focused on others’ needs, our own needs would be met. We weren’t blessed with individual talents to enrich our personal lives, but we were created to live in community and share our resources and unique gifts with one another. As yogis, it’s time to let our light and love shine.

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10 Poses to Equip You to Serve

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