Yoga Sequences

10 Yoga Sequences to Strengthen Your Glutes

Amplify your yoga practice with these yoga sequences to stretch and sculpt the glutes for a stronger backside.

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4 Yoga Poses for Strong Glutes


Strong, supportive glutes are key to a safe, pain-free yoga practice. Here’s what you need to know about the glute muscles (the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus), plus four poses that make them stronger.

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Baptiste Yoga: 9 Poses for Strong, Toned Glutes

Leah Cullis performs Airplane Kicks.

Master Baptiste Yoga teacher Leah Cullis presents 9 poses to help you tone and strengthen your glutes and legs. Your yoga pants will thank you.

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7 Poses to Firm + Tone Glutes for a Stronger Practice

Yoga teacher Leslie Howard recommends this 7-pose sequence to firm and tone glutes for a strong, balanced backside.

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Poses to Ease Back Pain

Improve posture, ease back pain, and strengthen your stride through these poses for your glutes.

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Allison Williams’ 3 Barre Poses Every Yogi Needs

rolling out yoga mat

The Girls’ star is a big fan of yoga and bodyweight exercises to tighten, strengthen, and lengthen her muscles.

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6 Yoga-Inspired Barre3 Poses to Try

barre3 Sadie Lincoln

Barre-curious but resistant to replace your yoga practice? Try these 6 hybrid poses from yogini founder Sadie Lincoln.

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4 Yoga Warm-Ups for Barre Class

horse pose, vatayanasana

Try this energetic four-pose sequence three times on each side to warm up and protect your hips and glutes before you head to the barre.

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A Creative Sequence to Help You Navigate Tough Emotions

lizard pose variation, utthan pristhasana

This practice invokes the power of Tara, the Hindu goddess of compassion, to help you face the discomfort and reap the rewards, all while stretching the glutes.

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The Pistol Squat, Deconstructed: How to Build the Strength, Flexibility, and Mobility You Need for This Pose


Try this yoga sequence to prepare your body for the pistol squat.

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4 Perfect Post-Run Yoga Poses

anjaneyasana low lunge

Use these yoga poses to cool down, stretch, and strengthen your muscles after your run. Nothing ever felt so good.

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