16 Poses to Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Join NYC yoga teacher Kat Fowler in this sequence to develop courage.
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I was 18—and completely unsure of myself—when I first started practicing yoga. I was insecure about who I was and where my life was going, and I never felt like I was enough. This manifested as poor posture: rounded shoulders and a downward gaze—a stance I held in a subconscious attempt to hide myself.

Gradually, my yoga practice revealed that being timid and fearful negatively affected the way I carried myself. Luckily, both practicing and teaching yoga has taught me how to make changes to my posture that not only radically shifted how I moved, but also transformed how I felt and presented myself to others. Over the years, I’ve worked on shifting my shy posture into one that’s more powerful­—with my shoulders drawn back and my heart shining forward.

I designed the following sequence to help you access more freedom in your shoulders, chest, and spine. When you practice these postures, notice if you feel a sense of courageousness within. Ideally, this practice will empower you to show up with more confidence and bravery in your own life, too.

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Teacher and model Kat Fowler is a yoga and meditation teacher and mentor in New York City. She teaches classes and leads trainings in Manhattan at Yoga Vida and online. For more information, visit katfowleryoga.com.