16 Yoga Poses to Keep You Grounded & Present

This strong, balanced sequence is designed to ground you even as life's craziness swirls around you.
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Whether it's a big deadline at work, relationship issues, holiday season busyness, or some other stressor, life can certainly present challenges that turn on our fight-or-flight response. This instinctual physiological stress response can serve us well in life-threatening situations. (To wit: the oft-cited running-from-a-tiger scenario.) Yet these days, even stressors that aren’t life-threatening can switch on our fight-or-flight mode—and we stay in this heightened stress state because we can’t physically run away from things like deadlines or soaring daycare costs. The result? We become reactive rather than responsive, and our overall mental and physical health takes a hit. Enter this strong, balanced sequence, designed to ground you even as life’s craziness swirls around you.