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3 Ways to Modify Revolved Chair Pose

Modify Parivrtta Utkatasana, Revolved Chair Pose, if needed to find safe alignment for your body.

Modify Parivrtta Utkatasana if needed to find safe alignment for your body.

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If your shoulders and chest are tight …

Twisted Chair Pose

TRY keeping your hands pushing together in Anjali Mudra. Pull them down toward your navel instead of opening the arms. This requires less range of movement in your hips and knees, and helps you widen your collarbones and open your chest.

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If twisting is hard for you, or your back is tender …

Extended Twisted Chair on Block

TRY separating your feet hip-width apart and putting a block on its highest side between your feet. Press into the block with your bottom hand and stretch your top arm straight up, revolving your chest toward the top arm. A wider stance helps you get grounded and steady, and being a little higher on the block prevents your lower spine from rounding, an action that will limit your range of motion in twists.

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If you can’t quite reach your bottom hand to 
the floor …

Extended Twisted Chair on Block

TRY using a block. Place a block next to the outside of your foot (in the direction you will twist), either on the short or tall end. Pushing your bottom hand into the block will help create space across your chest and upper back. You’ll achieve more elongation in your spine and be able to deepen your breathing, too.

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