5 Poses to Practice in a Cramped Airplane Seat

It is possible to do some yoga on your next flight (yes, even if you’re stuck in a middle seat in coach)
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These yoga poses will help you get through a long flight. 

Think you have to wait until you’re off the plane to get a good stretch? Think again. As crazy as it sounds, I promise you it is possible to practice yoga from the discomfort of your airplane seat.

Consider this: Yogis are primed to stay focused in less-than-ideal conditions. Remember that packed yoga class you were in that was mat to mat, yet you were able to focus on your own practice? Remember that time you were in a deep twist and were still able to breathe? Yoga teaches us to find inner space, regardless of outer conditions. In fact, the more inward our focus, the more expansive we feel. So, while we may not be able to stretch our legs out fully or do a Handstand in the airplane aisle, we can stretch our minds and find the space we seek within—yes, even when stuck in a cramped middle seat on a long flight.

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Try this 5-pose sequence specifically designed to practice in your seat, with your seatbelt fastened.

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Sarah Ezrin is a yoga teacher in San Francisco. Learn more at sarahezrinyoga.com