5 Questions For Yogis to Ask Themselves

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As students of yoga, we do a lot of analyzing our bodies and our minds every time we set foot on our mats. We think: Are my thigh muscles awake when I am in Triangle? Does my mind wander during Pigeon Pose? Am I pushing myself to attain a more challenging pose out of ego?

It’s interesting, though, that in all with all this self-study I do on the little details of my yoga practice, I don’t often look at the bigger picture and think about my practice as a whole. I’ve been practicing the same types of yoga with the same types of teachers for years because that appealed to me as a beginner–then it became comfortable. But has my practice changed and evolved as much as I have as a person in those eight years? Is it time to change my sequence, my yoga style, my approach to the poses and the practice as a whole? These are the deeper questions I’m asking myself about my whole yoga practice these days to re-assess if I’m serving myself, body and mind, as much as I possibly can.

1. What is the real intention behind my yoga practice?

2. Am I getting the results I’m seeking from this style/school/teacher/class? Should I even worry about results?

3. Do I really feel better after I practice than before? Am I more energized or less? Is my mind calmer and less stressed? Is rushing to get to the studio more trouble than it’s worth?

4. Am I too comfortable with my current sequence/teacher/studio? Is it time for a change? Should I force change or let it evolve naturally?

5. Should I devote more time to my yoga practice or explore new ways to de-stress? When you take a step back to think about your practice as a whole, what questions do you ask?

Erica Rodefer is a writer and yoga enthusiast in Charleston, SC. Visit her blog,, follow her on Twitter, or like her on Facebook.