5 Strength-Building Yoga Poses for Beginners

There’s no need to be intimidated advanced asanas and transitions. The key is being humble enough to dedicate yourself to mastering the basics.

Kino MacGregor says there’s no need for beginners to be intimidated by all of the advanced asanas and transitions they see. The key is being humble enough to dedicate yourself to mastering the basics. Start here.

Seeing all of the powerful yoga poses and transitions on Instagram and YouTube can be intimidating for new yoga students. When I first started practicing, it felt like people who were strong were just born that way and I didn’t have a chance. But if I can build physical strength so can you. Before yoga, I wasn’t a dancer or a gymnast or an athlete, but with consistent practice over many years I have more physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual strength than I ever thought possible.

The key is being humble enough to begin with the basics and put in the work every day.

Yoga is a process of inner discovery. Strong asanas are never ends in and of themselves. They are vehicles for a deep experience of the true Self within and can be the means to the real spiritual strength that comes from a calm and equanimous mind.

This sequence is designed for yoga students—especially beginners—who want to build strength. By focusing on the key elements of a strong stable shoulder girdle, a firm core, and a balanced mind you will feel the magical lift of strength starting to take shape.

5 Yoga Poses to Build Strength