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5 Things You Think About Yoga Events—Proven Wrong

Let’s set the record straight about what really goes on at yoga festivals and events. No, you don’t have to speak Sanskrit fluently.

Let’s set the record straight about what really goes on at yoga festivals and events. No, you don’t have to speak Sanskrit fluently or walk on your hands.

Myth #1: Yoga events are only for advanced yoga students and teachers.

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This couldn’t be further from the truth. Whether you’re brand new to the practice or have been teaching for a decade, yoga festivals and events like Yoga Journal LIVE have something for everyone. In fact — fun, lively, and festive — YJ LIVE events are a great place to take your first yoga plunge and try a variety of new things in a contained, playful environment alongside yogis of ALL experience levels.

At our New York City yoga event, April 19-22, 2018, plenty of YJ LIVE presenters are offering beginner-friendly classes. 

Myth #2: Yoga events are all super serious, intense workshops for die-hard yogis.

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No way—unless you consider happy hour and shopping serious endeavors (which some of you might)! Beyond the intense yoga offerings, there’s so much more fun to be had at yoga festivals.

At YJ LIVE New York, in addition to awe-inspiring demos and lively panel discussions on topics important to the yoga community, you’ll find mala-making classes, get in touch with your inner child through kids yoga teacher training, try out Sound Off yoga, and so much more.

Myth #3: You need to be in top physical condition to attend a yoga conference.


One of the enticing elements of a big yoga event like YJ LIVE! is the sheer number of different types of workshops and offerings. If you wanted to practice physical yoga all day every day for three days, you could; or you could choose to do very little asana and never break a sweat. A balance in between appeals to many.

Plus, aside from the handful of contemplative workshops on yoga philosophy, meditation, chanting and pranayama, there are also a number of therapeutic yoga workshops to address any aches, pains, limitations, or injuries you might have. Additionally, there are Ayurveda workshops, health and wellness lectures, restorative yoga and yoga nidra classes, as well as asana practices of varying levels. Choose to practice once a day, three times a day or not at all!

Myth #4: Yoga students should stick to studying with one teacher.


While this may have been true back in the day, with the number of events, workshops, and online resources now available for students—you will miss out if you don’t take advantage of it all.

That doesn’t mean you should give up your main teacher, but why not supplement your regular classes? Different teachers have different areas of expertise, and you’re sure to not only learn something new but also become inspired in different areas of your practice. Furthermore, something you’ve been struggling with in your practice often clicks when a new teacher says it just differently enough from how you’re accustomed to hearing it taught.

YJ LIVE! events are an ideal setting for “trying new teachers on.” With some of the most renowned and well-respected yoga teachers from around the country all in one place, you have the unique opportunity to sample many of their classes, teaching styles, and areas of expertise in one weekend. And who knows, you may even find “your teacher.”

Myth #5: Yoga events are too expensive and not worth the money for a casual yogi like me.


Think again: YJ LIVE! offers a range of priced packages, including a single-day or single-workshop pass, three-class pack, and a main weekend (Saturday through Sunday) pass.

Want more? You could also get involved with YJ LIVE events through their volunteer/work exchange program and work with the event staff behind the scenes. During your non-working hours, you are able to drop into any workshops that aren’t full to capacity.

Anyone and everyone is also invited to come and take any number of complimentary community classes offered by YJ LIVE! presenters and stay for more fun, shopping, and demos in the Yoga Market.