5 Yoga Poses for People with Multiple Sclerosis (+ Easy-to-Hard Variations)

If you have MS, try these five yoga poses and variations to improve balance, walking and coordination, according to a new study.

A recent Rutgers University study found that women with moderate symptoms of multiple sclerosis experienced improvements in balance, walking, coordination, and quality of life after eight weeks of practicing yoga. If you have MS, these five poses from the research team are a great way to start a home practice or contact the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to find a class, teacher, or video based on your location and symptoms.

Consult your doctor before starting a yoga practice, and begin with the easiest version of a pose before working toward the more challenging options. Seated versions can be done in a wheelchair or firm chair with a solid back, such as a folding chair, placed near a wall, on a yoga mat. If it is a metal or unpadded chair, you might want a firm folded blanket over the seat and through the back of the chair so it doesn’t slide. If at any time you are not able to physically perform a posture, you can picture yourself doing it, or if someone is available, have them help move you through it safely.