6 Poses to Open Your Energy Channels & Boost Prana Flow

When it feels like life is spinning out of control, YJ Influencer Sara Clark recommends opening your energy channels to raise your vibration and increase your stress resilience.
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During a time of opposition, when there seems to be one tragedy after the next, it’s easy to feel like life is spinning out of control. When we feel powerless it can keep us in a perpetual state of fight or flight which in turn can cause dis-ease in the body. As we are met with great challenges, it is vital to keep our nervous system running as efficiently as possible. The goal in times of challenge is to raise our vibration, so our bodies and minds can rest and digest all that is happening around us. One of the best ways to do this is to circulate more energy or prana throughout the body. When prana flows efficiently, both our voluntary and involuntary functions work at optimal levels from deeper connections with community to healthier digestion to more restful sleep to increased stress resilience! That’s right, allowing more energy to flow through your body can increase your ability to skillfully deal with stress, increasing your overall well-being. Try this sequence designed to first ground and calm the mind before mindfully moving through invigorating poses that focus on connecting breath with movement. Seal the practice by setting an intention to support your day. Breathe deeply and get ready to let your energy flow!

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6 Poses to Boost Energy Flow

About Our Expert
YJ Influencer Sara Clark is known for her compassionate teaching style and calming presence and has been practicing yoga for over 14 years. Her unique blend of power and intention allows students to safely explore their highest potential both on and off the mat. With a B.A. in Journalism, Clark worked in television post-production for HBO & TruTV prior to teaching yoga. Certified as an Ayurvedic Nutritionist and an ERYT 500-hour yoga teacher, Clark teaches throughout Manhattan and frequents Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health both as a student and faculty. She teaches retreats and events around the world, including thousands in New York City’s Bryant Park for Yoga Journal. Her empowering vinyasa sequencing and mindfulness techniques nourish the soul, inspire you to deepen your practice, and leave you wanting more.