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7 Spooky Halloween-Inspired Asana

Grab your mat and sense of humor for this festive flow, created by Kristin McGee exclusively for YogaJournal.com readers.

Want to feel like a kid again this Halloween? All you need is your yoga mat and a sense of humor. “I always think yoga is the best way to feel like a child,” says NYC-based yoga teacher Kristin McGee, who has worked with Tina Fey and LeAnn Rimes. “Doing poses that are fun brings us out of our shells, just like dressing up.”

McGee created this frightfully festive Halloween sequence exclusively for YogaJournal.com readers to do at home or for yoga teachers to incorporate into their holiday classes. “These poses mimic a lot of the creatures we think about during Halloween,” she says. “They also require you to support your own body weight, which sculpts muscles and helps burn off all that candy!”