Intermediate Yoga

A New Crop of Props

Yoga Buzz looks at some of the coolest new props to hit the yoga market.

While it’s hard to know if any new props will catch on for use in public classes or at home, we love checking out the newest yoga gear to hit the market. You never know when one will become a favorite (we still grin with excitement at a score made years ago in the marketplace of a Yoga Journal conference: a soft-sided, firm yoga block that does double duty as a meditation cushion). Here are some of the most interesting prop innovations we’ve seen recently. Do you think any of them will catch on?

Guroo Active Non-Slip Arm Sleeves

Anyone who has attempted Crow Pose during a sweaty, heated class will understand how the maker of Guroo Non-Slip Arm Sleeves came up with the idea for this product. The arm sleeves are designed to absorb sweat so you won’t slip off your arms in arm balances. They also promise to protect against bruises and provide compression to the arms, which promotes circulation.


These gel-like discs are small enough to tuck into your mat bag, and offer a little extra cushion for your knees, wrists, elbows, hips, or feet during asana practice.

Manduka’s Pro Squared Mat

If you like practicing with a partner or like to move around a lot during your practice, Manduka’s newest mat might be the perfect addition to your home practice space. The 78-inch square mat is made of Manduka’s Black Mat PRO, offering nearly 40 square feet of practice space. We wouldn’t recommend taking it to a studio, though, where mat space is at a premium, though its size would probably make it quite a challenge to get it there anyway.

Indo Yoga Board

As the weather turns colder, getting out on the water for the ridiculous fun of stand up paddleboard yoga is a less attractive option. The Indo Yoga Board was designed to simulate the instability of an SUP board so SUP Yoga enthusiasts can enjoy the challenges of the practice indoors even when the weather isn’t optimal.