Make Any Workout Vinyasa: 14 Poses to Add Between Sets

Think you don't have time for yoga? Add this vinyasa right into your next workout, between sets of any exercise, to keep things interesting.

runner lunge, low lunge, lunge

Think you don't have time for yoga? This vinyasa fits right into your usual workout—between sets of any exercise—to keep things interesting.

Yoga, the oldest science for self-improvement known to humankind, can optimize any athletic workout to bring the body, mind, breath, and spirit into balance. But if you struggle to find the time to add it to your routine, this dynamic sun salutation is for you. Work this vinyasa sequence from my upcoming “Flow Fusion Yoga” video with Coach Bob Kaehler to add fun and flow to any repetitious, weight training, or therapeutic exercise workout.

Set after set of repetitious exercises alone can get boring fast. By interspersing yoga into your routine, you can keep the workout interesting, making it easier to keep up daily. I am continually searching for ways to do my best while making my workouts more challenging, dynamic, uplifting, and fun. I have a hard time to stay committed to anything that isn't fun.

Incorporate this vinyasa into your next workout—between each set of biceps curls or leg lifts, for example. Enjoy!

14 Yoga Poses To Add Into Any Workout