Alignment Cues Decoded: "Straighten Your Elbows!"

We go inside yoga teacher Alexandria Crow's head to understand why straightening your arms is so key in so many poses.

I realized not long ago (while repeatedly reminding my students to "straighten their elbows!") that most of them have very little idea of why teachers make the choices they do for a class. I was acting a little like the Wizard of Oz, making demands from behind the all-knowing curtain, with no explanation as to why. But there's a benefit to knowing the method behind what might sometimes seem like madness.

I sequence in a very methodical way. It’s like a puzzle to me. Every single pose within my classes is there for a reason, to teach the exact efforts needed to eventually achieve the peak pose of the class. Of course, it doesn’t mean everyone will flawlessly execute it that day, but they will have all the information they could ever need to accomplish it in the future—if they choose to do that work. This blog aims to pull back the curtain and explain the what, when, and why bother behind key actions yoga students may not be sure why they’re learning.