Try Crane Pose 3 Ways

Build strength, focus, and equilibrium with these three variations of Bakasana—our favorite arm balance.
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Bakasana (Crane Pose) may be considered a foundational arm balance, but that doesn’t make it easy. It requires strength, focus, and balance. A sense of humor helps, too. The effort you put into this asana is worth it, as it offers many benefits. It stretches your buttocks (gluteals), front of thighs (quadriceps), and the palm side of your wrist (wrist flexors), which counteracts the effects of typing.

It also strengthens your core, upper back, chest, front of your hips (hip flexors), back of thighs (hamstrings), arms, shoulders, forearms, and back of wrists (wrist extensors). Try the variations below to find a variation of this pose that works for you.

Try some of these prep poses first: