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Baron Baptiste's Yoga Sequence for Self-Expression

Try this chest- and heart-opening flow to connect to your authentic Self.

Life is riddled with social rules. Take this biggie, for example: “Don’t talk politics, religion, or money in polite company.” You can always break the rule, but know that if you go there, it may turn confrontational and possibly damage your relationships. Of course, social rules have their place and importance, but living entirely within their limits can restrict the outward expression of your individuality. Worse, they can chip away at the time and energy you spend looking inward, which can cause a serious disconnect from your authentic Self. Eventually that can start to erode your sense of self-worth and the self-confidence it takes to pursue what you believe to be important and right.

The practice offered here was designed by Baron Baptiste to help you counter this common disconnection and feel empowered by what he calls boundless self-expression: “Having the freedom to authentically be and act outside the confines of doing things ‘the right way,’ without feeling limited and bound up by expectations imposed on us by others,” Baptiste explains. “In this free space to express, we enter a realm of self-discovery and new possibility that can alter our lives in very real and tangible ways, both on and off the mat.”

This sequence will engage you in an expanding flow of chest- and heart openers to create space for using principles of “true north alignment.” “On both physical and energetic levels, we are literally opening and releasing the muscles of the chest, which can result in a paradigm shift in how we see life and ourselves,” Baptiste explains. “We can begin to trust ourselves in new ways and make choices that more fully honor ourselves in any situation.” 

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