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Yoga for Beginners

These 30 Yoga Sequences for Beginners Will Help You Kick-Start a Consistent Practice

Interested in starting a consistent yoga practice, but not sure where to start? These 30 yoga sequences designed by experienced yoga teachers will help you target specific areas of the body to release tension and increase flexibility.

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10-Minute Sequence To Keep You Young In Body + Mind

revolved crescent lunge, parivrtta anjaneyasana

Maintaining a feeling of youth, even as you age, requires a flexible spine. Try this sequence to open your back and shoulders.

Practice this sequence.

Yoga for Tennis Players: Open Shoulders and Stretch Tight Muscles

tennis, cowface arms pose with racket assist, gomukhasana

A yoga practice can be an important recovery tool for tennis in order to stretch tight muscles and encourage tissue resiliency.

Practice this sequence. 

Stoke the Digestive Fire: A Detoxifying Sequence

Revolved Head-to-Knee Pose, parivrtta janu sirsana

With plenty of hip and abdominal work, this sequence is meant to stoke the digestive fire during an Ayurvedic cleanse.

Practice this sequence. 

A Sequence to Beat Restlessness + Prep for Meditation

corpse pose variation, savasana

Sitting for meditation at the end of a hectic day can feel difficult. This sequence can help you shift gears and transition smoothly into calm.

Practice this sequence. 

Yoga for Inner Peace: 12 Poses to Release Sadness

Colleen Saidman Yee performs Modified Child’s Pose.

Colleen Saidman Yee, who leads Yoga Journal’s upcoming Yoga for Inner Peace online course, discusses the importance of letting yourself feel sad, and demonstrates a sequence to release grief and other festering emotions.

Practice this sequence. 

20-Minute Beginner Sequence to Root + Ground Your Practice

grace flowers, knees to chest pose, apanasana

No matter where you are, drink in the delight of having a “beginner’s mind” and let it inspire this practice.

Practice this sequence. 

A Yoga Sequence to Target Sources of Back Pain

While yoga can often be a quick fix, these postures will help to methodically alleviate the root cause of back pain.

Practice this sequence. 

4-Step Bedtime Restorative Practice for Better Sleep

Yoga Medicine founder Tiffany Cruikshank offers her favorite bedtime ritual to settle the nervous system in preparation for deep sleep.

Practice this sequence. 

The Office Yoga Sequence to Restore and Rejuvenate

elena bower, chair yoga, chair pose, uktasana

When we’re happy, we can thrive in our work. This practice will make your whole body happier in just a few minutes at your desk.

Practice this sequence. 

A Yoga Sequence to Help You Commit to Daily Practice

childs pose

Discover how a single sequence, when practiced consistently, can provide grounding, openness, and a greater sense of stability in all aspects of your life with this routine.

Practice this sequence. 

11 Poses to Ignite Your Second Chakra and Spark Creativity

bound angle pose

Unleash your creative potential with this hip-opening sequence that will ignite your second chakra.

Practice this sequence. 

A Sequence + Meditation for Setting Healthy Boundaries

Core-Challenge Lunge

Listen to your body to find your natural limits and healthy boundaries—along with core power, strength, and inner peace.

Practice this sequence. 

10 Creative Ways to Use Props in Your Practice

Overhead Shoulder Flossing with a Strap

Not only do props help you find more space, freedom and stability in your poses, they’re also great teaching tools with endless uses if you get creative. Dedicate some time to playing with props.

Practice this sequence. 

The Post-SUP Yoga Sequence for Beginner Standup Paddlers

seated eagle arms sup

Open your chest and find proper alignment after a tough standup paddleboard workout.

Practice this sequence. 

Tara Stiles’s Natural-Movement Core-Strengthening Sequence

Tara Stiles Down Dog roll to plank

This strong-core sequence will move you in every direction to work your middle from each possible angle, building strength and ease of movement, naturally.

Practice this sequence. 

A Yoga Sequence to Help You Balance Effort and Surrender

Standing forward bend

Finding inspiration on the mat when practicing alone can be difficult. The following sequence will help you work with both abhyasa and vairagya.

Practice this sequence. 

8 Ways (Besides Handstand) to Use a Wall in Your Yoga Practice

Forward Fold Against a Wall

From opening the body to stabilizing a pose, there are many ways the wall can assist you in your yoga practice. Discover 8 ways to modify, deepen, and explore poses with the one prop everyone has at home.

Practice this sequence. 

Elena Brower’s Sequence to Find Your Foundation in Your Feet

Downward-Facing Dog Pose ELENA BROWER

Consider this grounding sequence a reorientation to your foundation.

Practice this sequence. 

Yoga for Inner Peace: A Stress-Relieving Sequence

Colleen Saidman Yee performs Thunderbolt Pose with Eagle arms.

Colleen Saidman Yee demonstrates 8 poses for stress relief.

Practice this sequence. 

Anatomy 101: A Hip-Opening + Balancing Sequence

Low Lunge

To work on activating the muscles of the hips to find more balance, try this sequence.

Practice this sequence. 

A Heart-Opening Yoga Sequence with Elena Brower

Reverse Namaste

Practice moving your attention into your chest and heart space, where you receive and give love.

Practice this sequence. 

4 Yoga Poses for Better Posture, Less Neck Pain

Warrior Pose II

Whatever the root cause of your slumping, your yoga practice can help alleviate any resulting pain or dips in mood by bringing more balance to the muscles in your chest, upper back, and neck

Practice this sequence. 

A Home Yoga Practice to Build a Strong Back

Side Stretch

Practicing this twisting sequence is beneficial for anyone who sits for a good portion of the day, suffers from chronic back pain, or loves activities like running, cycling, and hiking.

Practice this sequence. 

Free Your Side Body: A Flow for Your Fascia

Do you practice yoga regularly but still feel “stuck” in certain spots? Senior Yoga Medicine teacher Allison Candelaria created this muscle-and fascia-freeing flow to tune up the lateral sides of your body.

Practice this sequence. 

A Detoxifying Kundalini Yoga Sequence for Radiance

cross-legged seat, kundalini, meditation

When our digestion is clear and healthy, it is reflected in our complexion and our radiance. The following set of exercises is amazing for the tummy. It balances the intestinal flora and aids digestion.

Practice this sequence. 

3 Poses to Relieve Low Back Pain in Twists

Sphinx Pose
Rick Cummings

When done properly, twists have the potential to help your low back feel great. Here are three poses to help you relieve low back pain.

Practice this sequence. 

A Home Practice for Happy, Open Hips

Downward Facing Dog

Maintaining flexibility and stability in the hip joints is crucial for lower-back health and cultivating overall freedom and ease in our bodies.

Practice this sequence. 

4 Poses to Keep Your Ankles Healthy


Your yoga practice is an excellent way to give your ankles the attention they deserve, helping to reverse past damage and keep you injury free for years to come.

Practice this sequence. 

Natasha Rizopoulos’s Sequence to Build a Safe Vinyasa Practice


Secure the foundation for a safe vinyasa practice with this thoughtful, challenging sequence from Natasha Rizopoulos.

Practice this sequence. 

16 Poses to Instantly Boost Your Confidence

Paul Miller

Join NYC yoga teacher Kat Fowler in this sequence to develop courage.

Practice this sequence.