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The Best Yoga Mats of 2022

Ready for an upgrade? These mats can take your practice to the next level—and will last for many years of use.

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Buying a yoga mat is a big decision. It needs to be as adaptable as you are, able to go from a rigorous vinyasa flow to soothing restorative on a whim. Some cushioning is essential for protecting your joints, yet a yoga mat that’s too soft can’t create a unstable base. And of course, durability and sustainability are at the forefront—you’ll want something that can last for years and progress with you but doesn’t wreak havoc on the environment, either in its production or when it reaches the end of its life cycle.

The yoga mat manufacturing industry is advancing and constantly being improved. PVC is all but out, while natural rubber mats are beginning to incorporate thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) to make them biodegrade quicker. Cork and organic cotton have also taken strides to be of exceptional quality. Still, not all mats are equal.

What to consider when buying a mat

Before we dive into the list of the best yoga mats of 2022, there are a few things you’ll want to consider before you buy:

  1. What yoga style do you typically like to practice?

  2. How often do you get to the studio, or do you regularly practice at home?

  3. Do you have achy joints, or are you comfortable on just about any surface?

  4. Are you new to yoga or do you have an advanced practice?

The answers to these questions will affect which mat is the best for you. Price points, open vs. closed cell, weight, thickness, and tech all play a factor in pairing you with the best mat for your practice. We believe that you can’t go wrong with any of these picks.

The 7 best yoga mats of 2022

Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Mat

Editor’s Pick

Buy It: Hugger Mugger Earth Elements Mat

A teacher once told me that we put our energy into a mat every time we practice on it, and after two years of using this mat, I still feel that connection—and its benefits. At 5mm thick, Hugger Mugger’s mat comfortably cushions my wrists and knees, noticeably reducing discomfort. I typically practice Yin and Restorative Yoga, making the closed-cell structure of this mat suitable for its durability—especially since I’m not sweating much in those classes. But when I do take a vinyasa class, it’s still grippy enough to lock me in place amidst multiple Sun Salutations. And the biodegradable and recyclable TPE used to create this mat makes it an eco-friendly pick. $57.95–$82.99

Gaiam Solid Color Yoga Mat

Best for Beginners

Buy It: Gaiam Solid Color Yoga Mat

This mat has everything that you need to get you started, including an affordable price. It’s lightweight and durable for easy carry and will last over a year of regular use, the 6mm cushion is standard for protecting your joints, and its non-slip surface will help you stay planted in more intermediate and advanced poses. $13.93–$46.78

Manduka PRO

Best for Vinyasa

Buy It: Manduka PRO

Manduka’s famed PRO mat has been a staple in the yoga world for over 20 years, and for good reason. The 6mm cushion protects the joints without being too squishy, enabling stability in postures, and it has a nonslip texture so you and your mat won’t slide around while pressing into Warrior II. As a closed-cell mat, it’s extremely durable and can last for multiple years of practice. Anyone from beginner to advanced can progress safely and comfortably with this classic. $108–$249.98

Yoloha Air Cork Yoga Mat

Best for Hot Yoga

Buy It: Yoloha Air Cork Yoga Mat

For hot yoga, you’re going to want an open-cell mat since they absorb sweat as opposed to having it pool on top. Yoloha has perfected the cork mat, providing an extra-grippy surface that dries rapidly and actually gets stickier as you sweat, with vegan foam on the bottom to safeguard the mat from sliding. Plus, it’s lightweight, which makes carrying it around town seamless. $119

Öko Living Indigo Moon Herbal Yoga Mat

Most Sustainable

Buy It: Öko Living Indigo Moon Herbal Yoga Mat

What if we told you that cotton can actually be sustainable? That’s right, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) cotton uses 91 percent less water than nonorganic cotton, 62 percent less energy to produce, cannot be grown with chemicals so runoff is negated, and is completely biodegradable. Öko Living takes its focus on sustainability a step further: their mats are dyed using plants and come with no plastic packaging. Plus, it’s 5mm thick, which still provides an ample amount of cushion. $174

Jade Voyager Mat

Best for Travelers

Buy It: Jade Voyager Mat

Portability is key for this mat—it folds up to be smaller than a yoga block. At 1/16” thick and only 1.5 pounds, it can easily fit in a backpack, suitcase, or tote bag. Carry it with you around town to catch an afternoon class while you’re on the go, or toss it into your luggage when traveling. Even though it’s thin, the natural rubber provides excellent grip and a small cushion (and that price tag is nice, as well). $39.95


Best Tech

Buy It: YogiFi

Get a mat, a class, and an instructor all in one. YogiFi is changing the at-home yoga experience by providing a mat that lights up to offer corrections in your posture, speaks to you for step-by-step instruction, tracks your calories burned, heart rate, and many more health stats. It also comes with an app equipped with multiple classes and programs, so you can start practicing immediately—no studio required. $399

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