Struggling to Make a Decision? Try This Restorative Sequence First

Can't make up your mind? Take it to the mat to create space in the mind and body, and open your heart to infinite possibility
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Not a day goes by that you don’t have to make decisions—from the big (Should I have a child? Buy this house?) to the small (What should I get my partner for our anniversary? Practice on my yoga mat?). But it’s difficult to make decisions if you’re living in a body with no space—in the same way that it’s not easy to live in a house that’s full of clutter. “Usually we don’t even realize that we’re being shut down by excess,” says Saidman Yee, “until we clean house and find that we can breathe more easily. Yoga is the best way that I know to clean house—mentally, physically, and emotionally.”

The sequence here uses gentle backbends, forward bends, and twists to help you scan your body for tension and create the space that will allow you to tune into your intuition. It is through decluttering and expansion, rather than contracting and getting hyper focused (a common reaction to uncertainty), that you’ll be able to release tension and free yourself from being stuck in indecision.

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Before you begin, sit for 10 seconds and notice how much pressure is in your head. Simply noticing this will cause a softening and release. Bring this awareness to the following poses, focusing on a decision you’re trying to make. Do the practice for at least four consecutive days, and if you can, follow it up with 20 minutes of journaling. There’s evidence that 20 minutes of daily journaling on a decision for four days can bring clarity. Finally, remember: “Whatever comes to light while you practice, trust your gut and walk toward it; every option has something to offer,” Saidman Yee says.

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