A Core-Awakening Sun Salutation for Lower Back Support

Start to ease lower back discomfort and counteract the effects of too much sitting by swapping some of your standard Surya Namaskars for this core-focused variation.

Start to ease lower-back pain and counteract the effects of all that sitting by swapping some of your standard Surya Namaskars for this core-strengthening and -stretching flow.

These days it seems like almost everyone suffers from some form of low back pain or discomfort from too much sitting. Core strength is crucial to help support your lower back and improve posture and balance, not to mention deepen your practice and prepare you for more challenging inversions.

Inspired by Surya Namaskar B, this core-focused sun salutation is my go-to solution for developing long-term strength in the major and minor abdominal muscles and releasing the psoas. Since when these primary hip flexors are tight, they can also pull on our lower back.

Much like traditional Sun Salutes, you’ll still enjoy the fluidity of moving meditation with this practice while challenging yourself in a few fun new ways, too.

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