Yoga for Beginners

Day 4: Meditate on self-compassion

Try to cultivate self-compassion by including this reflection in your meditation or yoga practice.

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Research suggests that one of the best ways to commit to a new positive behavior (like a daily yoga practice!) is to tap into the power of self-compassion. To cultivate it in your meditation or yoga practice, try including this reflection from Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D., health psychologist and a founding member of the Yoga Service Council.

5 Steps To Cultivate Self-Compassion

Step 1

Acknowledge that you deserve health and happiness, and that you’re worth the effort it takes to make a positive change. Remind yourself how the specific change you are making supports your well-being.

Step 2

Without self-judgment, recognize how the habit you are trying to change creates suffering and stress (including your habit of being hard on yourself). Then acknowledge your desire to be free of this suffering.

Step 4

Give yourself credit for, and celebrate, any positive actions you have taken to support yourself in this change. Also, have gratitude for any support you have received from your family and friends.

Step 5

If you are feeling bad about a recent setback, remind yourself that mistakes are only human, and they’re an important part of the path of change. Instead of berating yourself, focus on your larger goal to be happy, healthy, and free from suffering.

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