Yoga Mudras

Ganesha Mudra

Ganesha Mudra is named after the Hindu deity who removes obstacles. Use it relieve stress and tension and lift your spirits.

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Ganesha = the Hindu deity who removes obstacles

mudra = seal

Ganesha Mudra Step by Step

Step 1

Bring your palms to touch in Anjali Mudra.

Step 2

Then swivel your hands so that your fingertips point toward opposite elbows, with your right palm facing your heart.

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Step 3

Bend your fingers and slide your hands across each other until your fingers lock.

Step 4

 Repeat on the other side.

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Pose Information

Pose Level


Deepen the Pose

Chant the Ganesha mantra: With each exhale, invoke Ganesha (gam or ganapatayei) and his powers by chanting his name:

Om gam ganapatayei namaha.

Om is the sound of the universe, and namaha means “name.”

Repeat on each side.


  • Lifts spirits
  • Boosts confidence
  • Relieves stress and tension