Fall for Yoga: 15 Poses Proven To Build Better Balance

At any age, balance, agility, speed, coordination, and power are vital for daily living. Yoga teacher Kiersten Mooney has researched and designed a sequence scientifically proven to build all of the above.

Fall for yoga all over again with this sequence scientifically proven to boost balance and agility from YJ LIVE! Florida presenter Kiersten Mooney. Reduce your risk of fall and injury and share the pose that makes you #fallforyoga all over again on social media.

When you fall, whether it's falling out of a pose on your mat or in daily life, quick reaction time is your key to preventing injury. You want your body to have the capacity for speed, allowing you to respond rapidly enough to catch yourself mid-fall or grab a child out of harm’s way, for example. While falling can certainly have more severe consequences later in life, at any age and activity level, the motor fitness components of balance, agility, speed, coordination, and power are vital for functional daily living and optimal for athletic performance.

The Scientifically Proven Way To Build Balance

When we think about balance, we often envision holding a picturesque Half Moon or Tree Pose, but falls don’t usually happen when you are standing still or in a steady state or pose, but rather when you are moving, transitioning, or adjusting. The key to building balance, coordination, and preventing injury from falling as we age is in mastering transitions and developing power.

In partnership with the University of Miami, we have studied the muscle utilization patterns of different yoga poses. We learned which muscles are actually being used and how active they are during each pose. For example, in electromyography (EMG) study, which records electrical activity produced by skeletal muscles, the more activated the toes in standing poses, the greater the lower leg muscle activity, therefore targeting the primary balance muscles. As a result of this kind of data and innovation, we created a sequence scientifically proven to increase balance and prevent falls.

The following sequence is comprised of three mini flows, adapted from our research and designed to enhance balance, motor skills, and functional living by rewiring the usual patterns of your brain. The poses in this sequence require focus and are sequenced in a unique neuromuscular pattern to challenge your musculoskeletal system.

15 Poses Proven to Build Better Balance

To begin, move with awareness through the transitions. Once you’ve mastered the sequence, you can add speed into your practice, building your capacity to react quickly.