A Chakra-Aligning Yoga Practice to Access Your Highest Self

Yoga teacher Giselle Mari shows you how to use your chakras to resolve any negativity or emotional issues holding you back so you become a lighter, brighter version of you.

In the following practice, discover each of the seven chakras. By looking at how these energy centers relate to our physical and emotional body, we can shine a light on our deep, dark subconscious—and take steps toward healing ourselves by bringing any unresolved issues to the surface. Here’s what you need to know about the seven chakras and how to work with each in your yoga practice.

*In gratitude to Sharon Gannon of the Jivamukti Yoga methodology for these powerful teachings.

About Our Expert
Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, teacher and model Giselle Mari presents at yoga studios, conferences, and festivals around the world. She has trained with Sharon Gannon, David Life, Sarah Powers, Jai Uttal, and Manorama, to name a few. Her teaching style has spunk, spirit, and depth. Her light-hearted but comprehensive teaching style weaves yogic philosophy, Sanskrit, anatomy, skillful hands-on assists, funky eclectic music, and unabashed authenticity into her classes. Her offerings are not only designed to make you move, sweat, reflect, and elevate but to ignite and restore connection to your essence, inspire spiritual activation, and connect to the power of our humanity. She’s a teacher on YogaGlo, a mom, and a wife with 4 dogs and 2 frogs.

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