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Goddess Yoga Project: Bring-On-the-Breakthrough Sunrise Practice

Master teacher Sianna Sherman created this short sunrise sequence integrating the physical and spiritual to take your practice to another level.

Master teacher Sianna Sherman created this short sequence integrating the physical and spiritual to take your practice to another level.

Sianna Sherman Uttara Budhi Mudra

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Yoga’s fame is now widespread worldwide—and still growing by leaps and bounds. As a global traveler, I see the rise and fall of various trends and the ways yogis are seeking change and transformation in all areas of life. I often hear the comment that westerners only love the physical practice of yoga but not the spiritual. Yet in my experience, yogis everywhere are asking for an integration of practices. They are asking for the entirety of the tradition.

Why Did You Begin Practicing Yoga?

Last month, I was teaching in a northern European country with a predominantly asana-based yoga culture. In an open discussion with 40 yogis, I asked them why they started the practice of yoga. The breadth of their answers represented the wide landscape of the human soul:

There were many outpourings of the heart in these answers. This was a group of outstanding asana practitioners seeking the entire garland of practices.

What IS Yoga?

Yoga is an alchemical path, one that metaphorically transforms us from lead into gold, churning forth the elixir from within. The alchemy lies within the integration of the practices: asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, meditation, and more. When life feels stuck or stagnant, yoga can help us break through resistance, heal unresolved wounds, and open up pathways for creative energy to flow.

Use this short sunrise practice to help you shift to a new level, clear your mind, and anchor your intention in your heart for a vibrant and healthy day.

Beyond-the-Breakthrough Sunrise Practice