Yoga Sequences

Inclusivity Training: Power Up Your Third Chakra to Stoke Your Inner Fire and Strength

Try this short sequence 3–5 times on its own, or as part of a longer practice to ignite the energy in your third chakra.

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Many times when we do the work of building community through yoga we must call on our strength and energy to speak, practice, and even teach. The third chakra is often associated with our internal fire, and a connection with it can ignite the internal fire we need to support the work we do in service to others.

Repeat steps 6-10 for as many rounds as you choose, and then change legs repeating the sequence on the left side. 

Variation: This sequence can also be done in Table Top Pose with hands and knees firmly planted on the ground. Feel free to use a blanket underneath the knees.


1. Begin in Mountain Pose with your hands together at your heart. Inhale and reach toward the sky. 

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2. Exhale folding forward and reach for the earth, a block, or shins.

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3. Inhale, half lift as you extend through the spine. 

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4. Exhale, bow into forward fold. 

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5. One foot at a time, step into downward facing dog. 

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6. Inhale, lift the right leg into the air for three-legged dog.

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7. Exhale, draw the right knee to the right elbow while engaging the abdominal muscles. 

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8. Inhale, return the right leg to three-legged dog.

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9. Exhale, draw the right knee to the left elbow while engaging the abdominal muscles. 

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10. inhale, return the right leg to three-legged dog. 

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