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Bryant Park Yoga Pose of the Week: Strong-Core Side Angle

Bryant Park Yoga is back for its 12th season in New York City, featuring instructors curated by Yoga Journal. This week: Bethany Lyons.

Bethany Lyons’ students practice a core-firing variation of Side Angle Pose at Bryant Park in New York City.

Bryant Park Yoga is back in New York City for its 12th season, featuring instructors curated by Yoga Journal. This week’s featured instructor is Bethany Lyons, co-founder of Lyons Den Power Yoga, who taught this past Tuesday morning’s class.

“It’s such a special opportunity for New Yorkers to connect to their practice, being outside, and this amazing city. To teach under the trees and skyscrapers that surround Bryant Park is nothing short of inspiring,” says Lyons, a certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher.

Strong-Core Side Angle Variation

Lyons chose to teach a fiery variation of Extended Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana) at Bryant Park this week.


  • opens hips
  • strengthens core, glutes, and legs

How To Do It

Place the right forearm on the right thigh and reach the left arm over the ear toward the front of the mat. Hold for 3 breaths. Press more firmly into both feet, lighten the weight in the right arm, then extend it alongside the left arm. Now reach both arms toward the front of the mat, building heat and strength in the core and the legs. Ground down and reach forward like you are going to propel yourself off the ground Superman-/Superwoman-style. Hold for 3 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Check here for the schedule of upcoming Bryant Park Yoga classes, which take place every Tuesday and Thursday through Sept. 23. Follow the Bryant Park Yoga series at #yjendlessyogasummer.